Arrival is an upcoming festival taking place in a long forgotten land of opportunity, founded by a team of young people with big dreams who plan on bringing the magic back in the valley.

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What's Arrival?

Scheduled between the 20 and 22 of August 2021, Arrival is a new large-scale festival which will take place in the Romanian Jiu Valley, a true garden of Eden in the Carpathian Mountains. 

Surrounded by the Parâng, Şureanu, Vâlcan and Retezat Mountains, the charming Jiu Valley presents itself as a settlement with an impressive business card and a unique history. Centuries ago, the natives built here the largest coal mines in Romania as a proof of their strength and mastery. Now, their ancient creations lure thousands of people from all over Europe into the mists of the great Jiu River.

Jiu Valley


Protected by the imposing Straja Peak, Lupeni can only be described as a paradisiacal island in a sea of mountains, coal and ancient forests. The most crucial pages of Romanian history were all written here as thousands of fearless warriors fought for their freedom and lands. 

Having witnessed all the battles of the Great War, Straja has now become a symbol of peace, prosperity and bravery. This magnificent town is also a perfect destination for any thrill-seeker, history enthusiast and sport fan. Looming over entire cities at 1445m height, it will be waiting for you all at the end of August.


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